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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summer is here....are you ready?

how to stay motivated to keep your healthy commitments.

Summer is here and with it comes shorts, tank tops, and swimsuits.  How are you staying motivated to be your most fit and healthy self? Here are some ideas to keep you on track!

Make the personal commitment. Successful weight loss is 50 percent attitude. Decide you’re going to follow along … and just do it!

Eat consistently throughout the day. Within 90 minutes of waking, start the day with a smart breakfast. Then, continue to eat every three to four hours the rest of the day. You’ll keep your blood sugar levels stabilized, which, in turn, helps control hunger and cravings.

Avoid trigger foods. Stay away from the foods that are your triggers. These are the foods that once you start eating … you can’t stop. (Some common trigger foods include ice cream in a pint container, a large bag of chips, dry cereal, and my all time favorite... peanut butter.)

Lose liquid calories.  Don't waste your calories on liquid! Save them for real food!  Liquids can often amount to a lot of extra calories that won't fill you up. Pass on soda, sweet tea, fruit drinks, fruit juice, smoothies, and coffee loaded with milk and sugar. Instead, drink lots of water and, on occasion, diet beverages. For coffee, use skim or 1 percent reduced-fat milk — and limit the sugar to one packet or none at all.  I like to use sugar free flavored drink mixes in my water for flavor. Also, squeeze fresh lemon juice into your water, sweeten with stevia.

Plan your menus. Take one day a week to shop and prepare your foods. This way you won't have a 'food emergency' and end up eating food that is convenient and not healthy!
Move it and lose it! Commit to 30 to 60 minutes of daily exercise — anything goes. Go to the gym, take a walk, join an exercise class, follow along with a workout video, or ride your bike.  I like to encourage friends to find a workout buddy.   Keep each other accountable and motivated.  When I had my son, I met a friend three times a week with our jogging strollers and we ran together with our babies strapped in and dropped those baby pounds together.

90 % of your food should be healthy!!! REAL FOOD, not prepackaged, full of sodium, fillers, and unknown ingredients.  Eat as much fresh veggies as you can, get creative! I buy giant containers of mixed greens, spinach and my new favorite - herb lettuce mix and fill my plate with as much veggies as I can. I sprinkle shredded cabbage, broccoli, tomatoes, sprouts, cucumbers and then lean protein.

Most importantly, remember to enjoy the process! The end result is a healthier you.  Be proud of your efforts to be healthy and more energized. If you get de-railed, get right back on it the next day or the next meal. I have found that the worst words are, "I am going to start my diet next week".  Because next week you may find another excuse.  You deserve more!

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