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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My Butt is Big!

“My Butt is big and Round like the letter C"

Oh my, I love this so much~ I might catch some grief for posting this, but, here's the gotta love what you got.  All of us are made perfectly. When you are strong and fit and you can do things like lift your babies, run with your kids, chase your husband and maybe sometimes even beat are perfectly made. I know so many people, especially since I work in the fitness industry that are completely obsessed. Each bump, lump, small boobs, big boobs, poking out stomach (my pet peeve about me) back fat...I can go on. "Lisl, can you help me get rid of this?" they spend hours obsessing on each part, time spent working out and thinking about working out and what small amount of food they ate. I know girls who not eat all day and binge at night because they are hungry.  I have watched strong and beautiful women starve themselves, because they love to hear, "oh, you've lost weight!"  I have watched beautiful girls spend hours on the elliptical or treadmill to get in the required amount of hours at the gym.  I have been that girl.  My 40 (ahem) something birthday is approaching and I have learned one thing, at the end of your life God won't ask you if you managed to be a size 4 or 6 till the end.  He will ask you what you did with that beautiful body he gave you.

 Love what you got, be strong, be amazing, don't obsess, and love that big butt!~

“It takes more courage to reveal insecurities than to hide them, more strength to relate to people than to dominate them, more ‘manhood’ to abide by thought-out principles rather than blind reflex. Toughness is in the soul and spirit, not in muscles and an immature mind.”

-Alex Karras
Workout will be posted tomorrow!
I would love to hear your comments below!


  1. Haha, I have this printed out and posted on my desk! I saw it a couple of months ago and I LOVE IT! Soooo agree with you, love who you are and what ya got! Love ya tooo!

  2. hey friends, thanks for your comments! I know we gotta love those powerful booties we got! :)

  3. love this post. you're right...God made us just right! I used to be 'that girl" too, food and workout obsessed. Constsnt prayer, shift of focus away from self and toward loving others gives a person a big dose of grateful. Then spending time on yourself can be an act of love. Love you and your bootie and all the rest of you! kk

  4. haha, KK, love you and your booty and all the rest of you too!!!

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