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Tuesday, November 2, 2010


It is November 2 and I was thinking today that the season of celebrating, overindulging and partying is about to begin.  Then comes January when the gym becomes overcrowded with people who have put on weight, neglected themselves, been through too many drive thrus and are 'committed' to change.  How about a new way of thinking?? How about this year, you stay true to your vision for yourself and never lose your commitment to your health. How about this year, you make the more difficult choice to go for that run, to avoid the junk food, to say, "no, thank you". You deserve it and its the best gift ever.

Jennifer shows fantastic form! way to go!

BootCamp buddies!

Megan is an inspiration to us all!
1. Burpee Broad Jump... the fence and back...Men to the fence and back and 1/2 way to fence again!
2. For time:

15 Dbell/Kbell Renegade Man Makers
30 Box Jumps
10 Dbell/Kbell Renegade Man Makers
30 Box Jumps
5 Dbell/Kbell Renegade Man Makers
30 Box Jumps
Box (24/20)
Man Maker # – Dbell or Kbell go AHAP (as heavy as possible)
Guys should be around 35-45
Girls should be around 25 pounds

Go heavier if you can. Good strength movement.
here is an awesome description on how to correctly do a manmaker....How to do a manmaker....

Man Maker... The man maker takes the basic push up and adds a variety of progressively challenging elements. The man maker addresses strength, balance, coordination and mid line stability in one movement.

Start by standing with a dbell in each hand and drop into the plank position with one dumbbell in each hand. Ensure you maintain a solid plank position and engage your abdominal muscles. Execute a full range of motion push up by lowering your chest to the floor. Press away from the floor and return to the plank position by fully extending your elbows.

Now that you have returned to the plank position, pull one dumbbell up to your chest (rowing motion) and return it to the floor. Repeat by pulling the other dumbbell to the chest then thrust both feet forward toward hands (as if performing a burpee) and complete a squat clean bringing the dbells up to the catch/rack position (at shoulders) then press both dbells overhead. We will be adding 2 standing lunges. This is one rep. The man maker requires a lot of abdominal and shoulder stability and balance especially during the movement.

Abdominal strength – Complete 100 knees to elbows after the workout.

If being fit were easy, everyone would do it! I'd love to read your comments below!

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