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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

'Tis the Season...


I know you are thinking it is the holiday season, tomorrow is the first of December.  Studies show that half of all those polled experienced heightened stress  during the holidays. Perhaps one of the best ways to overcome stress during the holidays or any other time is to exercise regularly. Research shows that physical activity not only boosts your fitness and energy levels but can also elevate your moods.

Remember to keep exercise as a part of your daily routine. Try to exercise an hour a day, four to five days per week.Taking a brisk walk, bike ride, or exercise class will burn calories, release endorphins, and elevate your mood. Do something that you LOVE! If you love indoor cycle, don't miss your favorite classes this month...your instructor will thank you! Did you know that you are less likely to overeat when you exercise. Be extra sure to stay active EVERY day. Enjoy your holiday season without the stress of falling off track. You will feel so much better, you will have energy and you will SHINE!

Tuesday night

10 Thruster / 1 Sumo Deadlift High Pull
9 Thruster / 2 SDHP
8 Thruster / 3 SDHP
7Thruster / 4 SDHP
6 Thruster / 5 SDHP
5 Thruster / 6 SDHP
4 Thruster / 7 SDHP
3 Thruster / 8 SDHP
2 Thruster / 9 SDHP
1 Thruster / 10 SDHP

Push Up, Sit Up Endurance

4 rounds for reps of:

Push-ups, 1 minute

Sit-ups, 1 minute

Rest 1 miunte

So, you will do as many push ups as possible for one minute, go directly to do as many sit ups as possible in one minute, then rest for one minute. 4 rounds. Count your total reps for push ups in each round and all rounds. Same with sit ups.

Team FUN Tabata Style!!
Alternating team members, one person working at a time:
20 seconds/20 seconds (one person is resting one person is working during each 20 sec interval)
16 sets per exercise
*inverted push ups
*kettle bell swings
*Wall ball 
finish with team pistol the 20 seconds together as a team, rest 10, repeat.

  If you limit your choices only to what seems possible or reasonable, you disconnect yourself from what you truly want, and all that is left is compromise. Robert Fritz

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