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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Muddy Runner Workout!

you can tell yourself you can, or you can tell yourself you can't, either way you are right....

Today's workout is going to combine cardio Drills with Strength Segments, a perfect way to get ready for the USMC mud Run on Saturday!

Segment 1..Meet in Cycle Studio, warm up, then Tabatas, 30 second intervals and one minute intervals.

Segment on the Treadmills, warm up, then Incline Tabatas, 30 second intervals, and one minute intervals.

Segment 3...Meet in Studio...
Tabata Plio PushUps. Full hand release, tabata style, don't stop until you have done 200 pushups! (men - 250)
 30 sec. Intervals....Dumbell Burpees....
one minute Intervals...mountain climbers, abs, med ball throws...

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