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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Game Face!

"If you're going to be alive and on this planet, you have to, like, suck the marrow out of every day and get the most out of it."~Drew Barrymore
at the USMC Mud Run! what an awesome day!

Oh Bootcamp, I have missed you so! I am so happy to be returning to another week of tough workouts and challenges. I have to admit I was jealous last week as I read your posts and moaning and groaning about how hard classes were. I was also so very proud of my girls Laura and Jennifer who stepped in and took care of you! I love that they wrote up the workouts themselves and came up with something fabulous!

Show up today with your game face on! Give 100% during today's bootcamp. If you do not challenge yourself and you just coast through this one you will probably not get much of a workout. Have a goal in mind and stick with it!

Warm Up EMOM (every minute on the minute) – 15 Minutes
4 Burpees
8 Squats

Tabata Plio PushUps. Full hand release, tabata style, don't stop until you have done 200 pushups! (men - 250)

Work Out~
thrusters and runs
5 thrusters, run to top of the parking lot and run back, 90 seconds
15 rounds

These will be plenty hard with just body weight thrusters if you don't have any dumbbells. The goal is to finish the "work" during the first 30-35 seconds, resting the last half of the minute. If you choose to use no weight, be sure to "mimic" the movement your hands/arms would make during the thrusters.

Tabata Plio PushUps. Full hand release, tabata style, don't stop until you have done 200 pushups! (men - 250)
Core Work to end!

Bring your goals out from the shadows, give them substance, and say them out loud, in public, right here. Make them REAL, and commit to hitting them, whether it be a month from now, six months from now or this time next year.

Quote of the Day: "It is every woman's dream to be some man's dream woman." ~Barbra Streisand
Girls who can do REAL push-ups are hot.


  1. I'm sure you already knew this, but your work-outs KICK ASS!

  2. hey!! thanks baby!! These are awesome and will change your fitness levels like crazy!!!



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