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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hero Workout!

“Does a hero know she’s a hero if no one tells her? Do you know a hero no one else knows? A hero doesn’t have to save a busload of school kids from certain disaster. Or score the winning point in the big game. A hero can be anyone who inspires you, anyone you look up to, anyone who cheers you on, makes you better than you were before – just as they made themselves better than they were before. Do you know a hero? Tell her. Then tell everyone.” – Nike

I have a hero, she is one of the kindest, sincere, loving and generous people I know.  I can call her anytime of the day and she's there for me. She is my fitness superhero! I covet her beautiful arms and laugh at her when she covers them up.   I have another hero, she lives way too far away from me, but, she's my sister from another mother.  She is the best decorator and I know, she taught me how to fluff my house before a party.  Every time I see her it's like we never left.  I have another hero, she's each of my 3 sisters. They teach me, inspire me, love me and make me want to be a better big sister and leader. I have another hero who is also my mom. She is the most beautiful and strong woman I know. She knows every fold in my heart and loves me unconditionally.  She taught me how to be the mother I am and I know that she is proud of how I love my children.  I have another hero, he is my SUPERhero! I can't believe I am lucky enough to be his wife.  He leads my family with integrity, humor and the strongest love I have known. 

I am so lucky to have so many heros.  They keep me real, keep me grounded, inspire me and make me better.

...who are yours...tell them!

I would love to read your comments below.
 Today's Workout!

10 minutes of Pushups, each time you break the PLANK position, 10 WallBALLS! score is how many pushups you get total in 10 minutes...we did this last summer and it was awesomely tough!

then...10 rounds
10 Tuck Jumps (sub 20 jump squats)
30 x Overhead Dumbbell Walking Lunge (15 alternating steps)
30 x Dumbbell Swings
10 PISTOLS ( one legged Squats)
Go “Hard and Fast” for the entire 10 rounds!
hill sprints if time after the 10 rounds~
BRING YOUR WATER AND TOWEL....ITS HOT! come early to set up and be sure and clean up after!

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