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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Treadmills and Hot Legs Workout!

The pain you feel today will be the strength you feel tomorrow.


Today's workout!
Meet at the treadmills, it's interval time!!
then outside

Every 45 seconds, do 10 walking lunges, one clean, one strict press, one front squat, all with either 2 dumbells or a barbell. Continue until you've traveled to the fence and back. I love this! (for those of you who are not at our club, plan on finding space to hit this for 25 minutes, this is how long it will take to get done!

Greek yogurt 

is a favorite snack option.  First of all, what is Greek yogurt?  Greek yogurt is yogurt that is thicker and creamier than American yogurt.  It has a texture that is rich and velvety, which makes it perfect for cooking with, and for use as a base for dipping sauces (in addition to eating in a bowl).  The texture reminds me of sour cream.  You can buy it in the grocery store, right next to the other yogurts.  It comes in a 2% version and a fat free version, both of which are far superior to the American yogurt.

Why even bother eating Greek yogurt at all?  Because it is a superfood.

Not only does yogurt promote intestinal health, it helps build stronger bones , and helps to enhances immunity.  More specifically...yogurt helps to prevent yeast infections, and it can help prevent urinary tract infections.  It is also safe for the lactose intolerant.  At only 120 calories per cup, and zero fat, you will not find a better source of protein.  20 grams of protein per cup and 25% of your recommended calcium for the day!!!  Plus, I rarely eat an entire cup in one sitting.  By the time I add in my mix-ins, I have a huge bowl of food.  I eat half of my bowl in the early morning, and the other half about an hour before lunch.  Greek Yogurt is gluten free, safe for diabetics and vegetarians, and with the 2% variety being only 120 calories a cup, it's perfect for dieters of all kinds.  Its higher in protein and there are 0% fat options to choose from! Remember to be sure and check the sugar content, pre-sweetened yogurts are LOADED in sugar and are not a good choice for a clean diet.

Here are my top ten favorite ways to use Greek yogurt.  Once you try Greek yogurt, you will never go back to American yogurt.....

1 - In a bowl for breakfast with fruit, nuts and/or cereals.

2 - Tzatziki sauce - a Greek cucumber sauce made by adding the following ingredients to a container of greek yogurt:  juice of one lemon; 2 T. dill chopped, 1-2 cloves garlic, minced; 1 cucumber, minced; salt and pepper to taste.
 3 - Add into tuna as a substitute for mayo.  Also add in Dijon and spices for extra zest.
 4 - Add it into a bowl of oatmeal with a little Splenda and cinnamon. Actually, I don't eat oatmeal, but I hear this is delicious.
5 - Add to mashed potatoes instead of sour cream, my children don't even know there is a difference!
6 - Mix with low sugar jam to make a fruit flavored yogurt.  Right now I have some yummy homemade sugar free strawberry jam a neighbor gave me that is so yummy with my yogurt!

 7 - Use in a smoothie in place of water or milk.  Your smoothie will be tangier and thicker and have a ton of protein. 

8 - Make chicken salad - Take boiled or left over baked chicken and add yogurt,celery, onion, Mrs. Dash, pepper, dill cubes, fresh cucumbers...uh yummy! 9 - Make frosting: Whisk together 1 c. Greek yogurt; 1 T. vanilla extract; 1/2c. powdered sugar.  Refrigerate at least 30 minutes to thicken, then spread on cupcakes, or cake.
10 - Add a package of ranch dressing mix to the yogurt (using it in place of sour cream), and make a dip for raw veggies.

Here's one of the many ways I have found to get the protein I need to stay strong and healthy!

Lisl's Protein Pudding

1 cup of 0% fat Greek Yogurt
1 scoop whey protein
1 tbs Cocoa Powder
stevia to taste to sweeten

mix all together...yummy snack full of protein!

Make your own Greek yogurt

Would you love to make your own Greek yogurt?? I tried and it's awesome and easy!
In an effort to make some better food choices in our house, we have been using non-fat Greek yogurt in recipes.  So far, so good.
The one thing we don't love is paying for Greek yogurt.  It's very expensive--crazy expensive.
First, you need plain non-fat yogurt.
This is the tightest mesh strainer that I own.  I would recommend a fairly deep bowl for this process.
Next, put a coffee filter (or you can use cheese cloth) into your strainer.
Spoon your yogurt into the filter-lined strainer.  This will drain the whey, and change the consistency of your yogurt.
I cover mine with plastic wrap or foil, and leave in the refrigerator for a few hours.  The clean up is easy, and you can just transfer the yogurt to another container and drain the whey. 

Progress is directly proportional to participation

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