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Thursday, July 7, 2011

We LOVE Burpees!

"obsessed is just a word the lazy use to describe the dedicated"

I am psyched!!! it's the first Thursday in June, that means...100 Burpee Challenge today!
Warm up – you know what that means!!! 10 Minute Burpee Challenge!! As many burpees as you can do in 10 minutes! Goal is 100! Can you do it??? If you do meet the challenge, try to see how many you can do past 100. This is the 5th month we have done this and it has completely worn me out each time! I finally met my goal of 130....well it was 129, but I am so happy! 
Remember, FULL pushup...stay powerful....have a strategy...full overhead extension. 

What I have learned about this workout is that you have to have a strategy, I try to do 11 or 12 per minute, using the time left in the minute to recover. Then as soon as that minute is up, I do 11 or 12 more...if I can keep this up, I will have done way more than 100, right now, my goal is to get above 120. Remember, each of you is doing this at your own fitness level and so, set a goal before we start this and do your best to stick to it! I love how my whole upper body is screaming when this is over! The entire burpee movement has to be dynamic and very fluid without stopping along the way. However, if this is your first time learning the exercise, practice it slowly first a few times until you get the hang of it. Then speed it up.

WOD - --- AMRAP in 30 Minutes....
run to Caesar's and back
50 Box Jumps
50 Kettlebell Swings on the front porch
50 Squats - go HEAVY
50 leg raises
50 OVERHEAD walking lunges outside
50 tuck jumps....... you can sub squat jumps!
finish with 50 ab ball throws against wall

5 sets
30 seconds of mountain climbers
30 seconds of flutter kicks (feet cant touch floor during 30 seconds)
30 seconds of plank
30 seconds of quick feet drills
30 seconds of jumping air squats
30 second rest - then repeat from beginning

thought you would find this interesting!

so EAT YOUR VEGGIES! they fill you up and are full of wonderful nutrients!
believe in yourself
you are strong
don't listen to the small people
find your center
wake up every morning with fire inside
know who your people are
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