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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Measure up Bootcamp & Favorite Cycle song of the week

“The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good.” 
-Ann Landers
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Hello!!! I am so excited to be posting this morning! I have been feeling strong and wonderful, so, let's get back on it! Spring is around the corner, so, we have some work to do. In that light, we are hitting the pavement today for some running and picking up heavy things, aren't you excited?
some of my favorite BootyCamp girls!

Today's workout!
Warm up...
Tabata pushups and Dips
8 rounds, alternating between the 2.

Then, Run the club with a KB or a DB, at the back porch, do 30 KB swings, Run to the front, do 30 Air squats and 30 Wall Balls, go inside and do 30 Box Jumps.

We will do FIVE rounds, or, go until the hour is up, whichever comes first.
CORE if Time!
50 Flutter Kicks (4 count) and 50 Sit-ups (AFAP) anchored or unanchored

“Dan, I want to get bigger. Can you help me? Yes, eat more and lift heavier.
“Dan, I want to get thinner. Can you help me? Yes, eat less and lift heavier.
-Daniel John
My Favorite Indoor Cycle Song this week!

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