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Thursday, March 24, 2011


Staying on often are your workouts, clean nutrition and health efforts derailed? So, it's the middle of spring, summer is coming and I have heard so much discussion recently about 'getting ready' for summer! Well, let's talk about how to hop back on the fitness and nutrition party train!
Here are a few ways I use to get back on the fitness train!
Find your LIFESAVER know what that is, the one thing that you can eat that is quick, clean, filling and accessible. Mine is Egg Beaters, frozen veggies, Laughing Cow wedge and spinach, all scrambled together! I always have these ingredients on hand and can toss it together in less than 5 minutes.

Find your LIFESAVER workout...the one thing that you love to do and it's not a chore to get going and do. It could be running or yoga, which both can be done from home.  Lace on your tennis shoes, pop in a DVD and GO! If you are a gym rat like me, it could be a spin class or Turbo Kick! Whatever moves you, DO IT!

Find your LIFESAVER friend...your special accountability partner that will hold you to your goals. It can be someone you work out with at the gym, a neighbor that you share clean cooking and meal ideas with or someone who is a phone call away that will keep you motivated and refocus you when needed!

JOURNAL your foods...I do this whenever I need to hold myself accountable! I find this is the very best way to REALLY know what's going in my body. My LIFESAVER food journal is from Lance Armstrong's website.  It helps to determine your daily caloric needs and has lots of foods in the data base. When you start adding it all up to see what you are really eating it makes it so much easier!
Don’t Just Say It ... DO IT! 
So you bought the gym membership. You bought healthy clean foods, you found a what? You know the diet doesn't work if you eat junk, the gym also doesn’t work if you don’t actually go inside. Guess what?? Even if you do make it in to the gym, you also have to actually WORK OUT. (Don’t laugh, you have no idea how many gym members I’ve seen treat the gym like gossip central) The idea is to make the decision and then DO IT! 
see you at the gym!

HERE'S What we are doing today!
5 Rounds

Each round is two minutes. The athlete will sprint to fence and back and use the remaining time to perform as many push-ups until the round is over. One minute of rest after each round. The athlete is scored by the total number of push-ups.
15 Dbell/Kbell Renegade Man Makers
30 Box Jumps
one set of lampost suicide runs
10 Dbell/Kbell Renegade Man Makers
30 Box Jumps
one set of lampost suicide runs
5 Dbell/Kbell Renegade Man Makers
30 Box Jumps
one set of lampost suicide runs
Man Maker # – Dbell or Kbell go AHAP (as heavy as possible)
Guys should be around 35-45
Girls should be around 20 to 25 pounds

Go heavier if you can. Good strength movement.
here is an awesome description on how to correctly do a manmaker...
.How to do a manmaker....
Man Maker... The man maker takes the basic push up and adds a variety of progressively challenging elements. The man maker addresses strength, balance, coordination and mid line stability in one movement.

Start by standing with a dbell in each hand and drop into the plank position with one dumbbell in each hand. Ensure you maintain a solid plank position and engage your abdominal muscles. Execute a full range of motion push up by lowering your chest to the floor. Press away from the floor and return to the plank position by fully extending your elbows.
Now that you have returned to the plank position, pull one dumbbell up to your chest (rowing motion) and return it to the floor. Repeat by pulling the other dumbbell to the chest then thrust both feet forward toward hands (as if performing a burpee) and complete a squat clean bringing the dbells up to the catch/rack position (at shoulders) then press both dbells overhead. We will be adding 2 standing lunges. This is one rep. The man maker requires a lot of abdominal and shoulder stability and balance especially during the movement.

Abdominal strength – Complete 100 knees to elbows after the workout. Each time you have to drop the bar, roll over and do 20 pushups

"As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others."
- Bill Gates
what did you do today to empower someone else?

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