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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Indoor Cycle Profile

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Hey Fitness Freaks!
I taught this profile in my cycle class tonight, it was very challenging! here's the playlist I used. My legs were shaking at the end.

I was worried that I would be bored or have a hard time getting the participants to do 3 minutes of each position in the beginning, and it definitely was a challenge, but, I was surprised at their willingness to get through it. Awesome ride and I thought it flowed really well. I got the idea from which is an awesome site for ideas for indoor cycle classes. 

Here's the Profile:

Warm Up turn me on 3:20 David guetta - Turn Me On (Feat. Nicki Minaj)
 3:00 Fast Flats 90 to 100 RPM Nobody Likes the Records That I Play 3:06 Sample Rippers
 3:00 add resistance HP2 Run 80 RPM do the right thing 3:31 PORN KINGS 
 3:00 add resistance HP3 Attack 80 RPM  shake that shimmy 3:13 Porn Kings - 
  5:00 Seated Climb  Enter Telephone (DJs From Mars Club Rmx) 5:26 Lady Gaga ft. Beyonce vs. Metallica DJs From Mars 

1:30 Fast Flats 90 to 100 RPM
1:30 add resistance HP2 Run 80 RPM
1:30 add resistance HP3 Attack 80 RPM
Do 2 X’s
used these songs: 
Bad Reputation 2:42 Avril Lavigne
Mombasa Inception 4:54

4:00 Jumps on Hill  Devil Drums 5:24 Scooter We Bring The Noise

1:00 Fast Flats 90 to 100 RPM
1:00 add resistance HP2 Run 80 RPM
1:00 add resistance HP3 Attack 80 RPM
Do 3 X’s

used these songs:   
Burn It To The Ground 3:31 Nickelback Dark Horse Rock
Beat It (feat. John Mayer) 3:48 Fall Out Boy
Talk Dirty to Me 3:45 Poison 

5:00 Stand Climb –  Only Insomnia In The World (DJs From Mars FM Rmx) 5:26 

30 Fast Flats 90 to 100 RPM
:30 add resistance HP2 Run 80 RPM
:30 add resistance HP3 Attack 80 RPM
Do 6 X’s
Barracuda 4:39 Fergie
Push It (Techno Mix) 3:21 Solid Base Bass Attack 2000 Eurodance
Burn It Down 2:49

Cool....Trouble 4:02 Ray LaMontagne

Share your thoughts!!! 
this is how I felt when it was over!

Fact: THINKING of going to the gym burns between 0 and 0 calories!!



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