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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bring it!

The biggest lie in choosing is, "I can't." That is simply not true. We can do anything we want If we don't do something, it is because we have committed our time, energy and resources somewhere else.
Check out Tuesday night's BootCamp girls sporting their Strong Tanks!Have you ordered your yet? 
For time:
10 Abmat situps
1 Heavy Kb Swing
9 Abmat situps
2 Heavy Kb Swing
8 Abmat situps
3 Heavy Kb Swing
7 Abmat situps
4 Heavy Kb Swing
6 Abmat situps
5 Heavy Kb Swing
5 Abmat situps
6 Heavy Kb Swing
4 Abmat situps
7 Heavy Kb Swing
3 Abmat situps
8 Heavy Kb Swing
2 Abmat situps
9 Heavy Kb Swing
1 Abmat situps
10 Heavy Kb Swing
THEN ~~~~the 
Repeat the following Set 3 Times
1 lap around the gym
30 wall balls
30 deadlifts, single leg, alternating legs
30 pushups
30 Mountain Climbers
 30 decline situps--- set your step up on a decline, use weight.
suicide runs if time!

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