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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dream Big Workout!

Make yourself stronger than your excuses! 

warm Up.... 3 sets!

one minute of Burpees
one minute of squat Box jumps
one minute of squats

Run the club X 2
50 Push-ups
25 Deadlifts
Run the club X1
40 Push-ups
20 Deadlifts
Run the club X 1/2
30 Push-ups
15 Deadlifts
Ru the club X1/4

At the end of class, we will go outside and have some playtime, either hill sprints, or suicides.

If your Dream isn’t bigger than you, there is something wrong with your dream
These are my new favorite running shorts! I wear them every time I workout!

I found this little poster today and it reminded me of my own struggles to adopt true lifestyle change. Any diet can work, and a 'new' workout can make a difference...for the moment. But, I have learned that lasting weight loss and fitness can really only happen if there is a change in mindset about food and nutrition.  That has to come from within and usually comes with a complete lifestyle change.

Who do you know that has lost weight, sometimes even drastic amounts? Was it through a 'program', a pill, a diet? If so, most likely their weight will come back...because there hasn't been a change in the most important place...between the ears. Many of us, and I include myself in this equation, use food as more than just fuel.  It is often used as comfort or a part of mindless eating behavior when eating, consuming more calories than we even realize.  I am not saying that I have all the answers, because I struggle too, I am saying that if what we really want is to end the up and down weight/fitness struggle, we must first look at what we struggle with internally.Get Fit, Stay Fit, Be Happy, Lisl

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