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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Fitness Truths

I write this as I sit in yet another doctor's office...that's another story, but, it brings more clear to me what is 'truth' in my fitness journey.
It is true that I own more jog bras, tank tops, black lululemon pants and running shorts than I do 'proper' clothes, and sometimes I find I don't have anything to wear to my children's I go in sweats and a ball cap anyway...and pray that they don't talk about me...
It is true that I have been working out for 20 years, and I am still not satisfied, so much to learn, so much to do...Yoga? Spin? CrossFit? HalfMarathon? what's next?
It is true that I have to sweat profusely every day to feel like it's a good day.
It is true that I can't believe that my body is about to have it's 45th birthday, yet, I feel 20 years younger!
 (not sure I look like I am 20 years younger, but, it feels GOOD! and I truly love it when jaws drop when I tell how dang old I am!)
It is true that I still battle with self control, body image, and feeling 'not good enough'...STILL!
It is true that some days I push myself too hard, just to measure up to what I think that I should be... mostly I meet my expectations, sometimes not...and then I get up the next day and try again.
It is true that I still have that chubby not so strong girl that lives inside me.
It is true that when I feel physically strong, I feel mentally strong.
It is true that I like to eat lettuce in every variety with every vegetable and I know which restaurants in Greenville, serve the best salads...I love my greens~I rate a good restaurant based in their salad...oh and their Cosmo..very important combination...
It is true that I can make any version of chicken taste amazing and I can make egg whites be your best friend...

...but here it is, my biggest fitness truth isn't about me at all, it's about the precious women and girls I come in contact with every day...I believe with every part of me that passing on that love of sweat is my purpose! I hope and pray that everyone I meet in my club, in my classes and who read my blog learn that they too can be strong, sweaty, proud and fit...that there are no limits, no boundaries, nothing that can stop us from feeling like complete rock stars! I believe that we are all athletes just waiting to be discovered, and I have watched it happen over and over again, how wonderful!
So, my truth is always changing, it used to be so self I grow and help others...the best gift yet.
Oh wait one more thing, my baby girl...I have to teach her that she is good enough and can do anything, that big calves rock, big booties are amazing and that she is a rock star! that might be my best truth yet.

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