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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Step into Your Moment Workout!

Anthony Robbins "Somebody is in the hospital begging God for the opportunity you have right now. Step into your moment."
Jumping fire at the Warrior Dash!
Warm Up:
1 minute of Box Jumps
1 Minute of Burpees
1 minute of air squats
3 rounds~

  • burpees
  • Clean and press
  • Push ups
  • Jumping Lunges (aka, Alternating Split Squats)
  • Dumbbell Thruster (35/25 lbs.)
You will cycle through the exercises, spending 60 seconds at each – the clock does not stop as you transition from one exercise to the next.  After you have completed the fifth station, rest 60 seconds...  Repeat for a total of three rounds.

Renegade Rows moving across the floor and suicides...CAN'T WAIT for this one today!

love this video!!

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